The Dwarven kingdom to the north. They are masters of construct magics and though a small kingdom defend their lands with the constructs they build.

Their constructs are both large and powerful, but can be small and delicate as well.

The Crucible

The voting council of the three most powerful houses, thereby preventing ties in the legislature.

Great House Aurum, ruled by Thane Yarvil, the oldest house and first among equals on the Council of Brass. Voted against the alliance with Ardenia.

Great House Cuprum ruled by Thane Gilmarad. Sided with House Argentum in the vote on an alliance with Ardenia.

Great House Argentum ruled by Thane Roderann, the youngest of the three great houses on the council, brokered the alliance with Ardenia. This peace has brought her house great wealth, and power and this threatens Thane Yarvil and house Aurum.

The Fall of Kalazanbaar

80 years ago, when Korim first developed their Construct technology, they attacked their brothers to the south.

The Dwarves of Korim are now reviled by many because winning their war against had the unintended side-effect of annihilating their brothers to the south.

(See Kalazanbaar)


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