Burnt Hills

Home to several bandit tribes all descended from a regiment of Haldrim troops who rebelled when Haldrim made peace with the Orcs.

As you enter the forest you begin to understand why it’s called the Burnt Hills. Several trees seem to be withered and decayed- some are fallen over or just barely staying in their roots, slightly tilting or leaning against others.

Rolling hills lumping across the ground- causing roots to protrude out from the side of the hills only to go back into the ground. Vines stretch from the ground as well, reaching up to the trunks of the trees.
Scattered bits of green can be seen, although somewhat scarce still. What green than can be seen are towering trees with swaying leaves, full of life- dark green moss and grass are seen amongst the ground.

Most of this green moss and grass however have several strands of brown and red scattered throughout it as well.

There is a dry hot and heavy wind that hits you in the face, carrying a smell of pine, and dead fallen leaves. There is no humidity, nothing smells smokey, but there is the smell of firewood and autumn with the heat.

Burnt Hills

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