Tag: red sun tribe


  • Kalobry

    Sister to the Warfather [[:valkun | Valkun]], and Aunt to [[:grog | Grog]]. She is the leader of the Warhounds, a section of the Red Sun army who charge into battle with dire boars. Should the Warfather [[:valkun | Valkun]] die, Kalobry will likely become …

  • Grog

    Son of [[:valkun | Valkun]], the Warfather of the Red Sun Tribe. Nephew of Warmaster [[:kalobry | Kalobry]]. His mother died during childbirth. He the tallest Orc in his tribe, and certainly the strongest. He carries a battleaxe attached to a chain. Very …

  • Headtakers

    The elite death commandos of the Warfather. Assassins who employ garrotes, and literally take the heads of their victims.  Usually sent on offensive missions, but ever since the peace established wtih Haldrim and King [[:cyric | Cyric]] they have been …

  • Amarax

    An Orc Shaman who begins his rituals at dusk when the sun falls. He doesn't speak much. Just grunts or moans in rhythm. He brightens up if offered devils weed, he talks when he has had too much.