Leader of the Blue Scaled Lizardfolk


The King of Steel, is uneasy when the heroes arrived within his lands. But accepts it as such once they inform him they seek Mallok for the assassination attempt on Valkun, the Warfather to Urshok of the Red Sun tribe. He tells the Hammerfists that Mallok is off near the ancient ruins of Coromagus. He further tells them the black scales prefer to be near their queen. He refuses to speak of her name. When pressed he says they follow the false queen of stone Magora. She is a powerful and merciless Queen.

Xartan calls the heroes by his own meaning, has names do not matter to lizardfolk:
Giantling -Nomak
Talking Baby -Corvyn
Shiny one with Shiny Scales -Dartanian
Female -Cori
Spiked one -Pursuit
Quite One -Adam
Snack -Vax

The heroes attempted to escape his lands upon returned with Mallok’s head and sword from Coromagus ruins. Him and his lizard tribe attacked the players with full force, where they were burned by oil with fire as the heroes escaped.


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