Warfather of the Red Sun Tribe


Father of Grog, brother to Kalobry.

His son Grog introduced the heroes to Valkun, after repeatedly saying “Kanrokk”. Valkun explains to the heroes that his Kanrokk means “homeless”, because the humans of the northen sanction once evicted them of their old lands, the ones they now hold dear as their kingdoms.

But, he Negotiated the peace with Haldrim’s King Cyric in exchange for access to the port city. He wants trade with the other regions of Aladrov such as the dwarves of Korim and elves of the Veil. Wants to be a legitimate power in the world. Peace, war, whatever it is.. he wants to be a part of it. A fearless leader and genuine personality, for an orc.

Killed Princess Elise’s husband when he was a young Headtaker. Now, the Warchief and Warfather of the Red Sun Tribe, he tactically yet politically handles affairs between his people and the local humans. Blames the disturbances within Sun Tribe to Elise. Tells heroes he will unleash his Warhounds upon the gates of Haldrim if she is not brought to justice for killing members of his tribe. He thinks she seeks vengeance.

Was nearly killed by an assassin sent by Mallok during the morning after a celebration feast with the Heroes. They had brought his son home, Grog, and an antidote for the slugsmeade that was affecting his people. Why wouldn’t he celebrate the night before?

Died from the poison that was coated on the blade which had pierced through him. The Hereos resurrected him with the help of Lady Maradel.


Heroes were asked by his sister Kalobry, to wipe out the Lizardfolk who had done this. Told them of Mallok and Xartan.


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