The once noble King, now crazed Lich


Long ago there was a King named Tybolt. His people loved him because he was selfless and wise. He helped the poor, defended the weak, and used taxes for the good of the land. During his reign he restored order to the kingdom and joy to his people. He established his realm as a safe place from the wretched ones, the thieves, extortionists, dark sorcerers and supernatural monsters. The king employed noble knights in shining silver armor, paladins resplendent in their golden religious regalia, and clerics who tended the sick and handed out gold coins to the poor and infirm. In groups of three these heroes roamed the land exterminating evil in the name of the king. They were colloquially known as Tybolt’s Coinpurse, giving their word to forever protecting their King and his kingdom.
The kings generosity and kindness became renowned and though he was loved dearly by his loyal subjects there were some who despised the king. Chief among them was a powerful vampire sorcerer. His brood had been exterminated by the king and his warriors. Together with the evil ones who had been driven into the wilds he exacted his revenge upon the good king. In the deep of winter the vampire called down a supernatural storm. For several days the wind raged and drifts of snow buried homes. Knowing that the pious nature of the king would lead him to open his halls to the surrounding villages to ride out the worst storm the region had ever seen the vampire and his followers blended in with the populace. The shivering villagers were given warmth and food inside the castle, unaware that there were uninvited guests among them.

That night after the torches were snuffed and the castle slept the vampire began his silent rampage. Moving among the slumbering populace he turned man, woman, and child alike, slaughtering anyone who discovered them. Once the newborn vampires began to revive they attacked whoever was closest to them. Alerted by the screaming the king and his men rushed to the defense of the common folk. They were too late, hundreds had been turned and were devouring their friends and families. In the pandemonium the vampire lord put his plan into action. While the guards were engaged he made his way into the bedroom of the kings only child, the princess Hulmarra. After her mother passed in childbirth she became the light of Tybolt’s life. A girl of just six years old the princess was defenseless. Hours later dawns light turned the tide of the battle and the blood feast was ended. Though the king had struck down the vampire lord by his own hand it was a hollow victory, the vampire had had his vengeance… turning Hulmarra.

The light went out of the kings life. His kingdom began to suffer and he was rarely seen outside of the keep. The princesses was fed bowls of animal blood as she withered with each passing day. Parades of doctors, healers, and holy men were brought before the girl but it was for naught. She became weaker and weaker until one day the king heard a scream from her room. The princess was standing there flush with life and covered in blood, at her feet the ravaged corpse of her chambermaid. The king, realizing finally that his daughter was a monster could not bring himself to condemn her, and she was confined to the little used dungeons. At first the king offered his own blood but his health waned and eventually criminals were brought into the dungeons, none returned. Years passed and penalties for once minor offences became harsher and harsher. More and more people disappeared into the depths of the castle. Ever more desperate for a way to cure his daughter, the king resorted to studying tomes of untold evil looking for resurrection spells and cures for vampirism. Word spread that he was researching dark magic and necromancy, his once loyal subjects began to abandon him and those who remained were in constant fear of becoming the next victim of the young princess. The kingdom fell into war and chaos as the kings coinpurse’s spent themselves attempting to maintain order without their leader.

Already an old man, Tybolt became desperate and began the process of magically extending his own life so that he could continue to search for a cure for his daughter. Side by side the two managed to create a phylactery and the once noble king became a lich. Served now by only a small contingent of thralls, the lich king harvested the countryside for blood and souls to sustain himself and his daughter.
Time and war had taken its toll on the once powerful warriors who had served the kingdom. The remnants of the kings old guard, Tybolt’s Coinpurse- down to 6 members, now in battered grey armor that is dented and scuffed while having sold their golden relics and exhausted their charity. They banded together to remove the menace of the lich. They confronted their former leader and his thralls. Hundreds were slain but eventually Tybolt’s chest was caved in by the paladin champion Bors the Winterheart. Remaining just long enough to bury the dead then raze and level the castle to ensure the destruction of the phylactery, the lich’s daughter was forgotten.

Overlooked and unhindered the young princess who was now not only a powerful vampire but a practiced necromancer, survived by hiding in the deepest crevice of the palaces understory. Though too late to save her father’s phylactery(a locket bearing her image) she did locate his corpse. Seeing her father’s chest caved in, jaw wide and unhinged, a look of despair on his face… she could not accept knowing he died trying to rescue her from her curse…and went into a monstrous rage. More powerful than the vampire lord that turned her, she set out to feast upon the Paladins and Clerics of the Coinpurse that had killed the King. Using the unholy knowledge that she had gained from the decades of research with her father- she drained the blood and souls of the 6 members from the Coinpurse and divided the souls into the gold coins they once used to give to the poor, turning each piece blood red. With the unnatural power source from the coins she raised the kings corpse. Ensuring her King continued sacrificing for their love, she hid the coins and protected them by cursing each coin to ensure they forever remained hidden and guarded.

The soulless bodies of the Coinpurse members were risen by Hulmarra, turning them into Death Knights to fulfill their oath in protecting their King. Although bound to keep their word, the Death Knights needed the essence of life to fulfill their promise. Fearful the champion paladin Bors the Winterheart would repeat the murder of her father in his weakened state, she became desperate and full of woe. Hulmarra locked her father and the Death Knights into a crypt, leaving a handful of coins. Upon laying her father and his protectors in the crypt, she laid a curse upon one of the coins that would take life upon a single touch, just enough to allow the members of the Coinpurse to feed upon the essence and walk once more. Now seeking vengeance with patience, she allowed time to pass, hoping the world would forget about the once kind, respectful, and noble King…with the undying love for his daughter.


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