Local Medicine Woman


Older, friendly, and caring woman. Used to be a barber-surgeon, but now is the local medicine woman or alchemist. She lives in a hollowed out tree on the outskirts of Riverhold near an old graveyard. Her tree lies between the Burnt Hills and Riverhold, to the left of Haldrim.

Her tree home has shelves of hundreds of jars with different substances and herbs. Stumps for chairs, and a big oak round table in the center with a few mortar and pestle bowls. The place smells of herbs: wormwood, basil, sage, and cinnamon. Very intense smell. She brews the finest moonshine with one of her multiple alchemist apparatus’s. She also dabbles in Devils Weed.

She uses Jenna to go to the nearby city and get normal everyday ingredients. She helps the local Orc tribe called the Red Sun Tribe, and the locals within Riverhold of any ailments.
She thinks something is going on, very unusual activity of goblins and lizardmen in the area. Has tried contacting city by aviary mail but no response.

Was kidnapped by Sethis for interfering with his Slugsmeade endeavour. Assassins were found outside of her home with Ardenian Knight armor dawned.

The Hammerfists rescued her from Sethis’s compound at Daggersnook.

Asks players if they could go see the tribes and maybe find out who gave them the Meade. Also asks if they can go to the city and let the king, Cyric, know. Tells them she is still making antidote, and to stop by as often as they can to give her new supplies/check antidote status.


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