Lady Maradel


Lady Maradel comes from Vallardin, of the Elven land called Tal-Ohara. Before she was cursed and turned into Magora, her homeland Tal-Ohara was a prosperous forest.

She set out to roam the world as a researcher. Exploring the ancient civilization of Coromagus. She sought its alien knowledge and discovered something that cursed her (blood coin), turning her into the medusa Magora.

Maradel has several journals throughout the ruins. Most of them are destroyed from water damage and somewhat burnt from fires caused by people terrified with torches. The journals are dated and describe Maradel’s findings through archeology or hieroglyphics.

The heroes rid her of the curse upon her. She wishes to return there to see her Mother and Father.. as well as her sister, but does not think she will make it on her own in her current state. Due to the effects of the curse, she needed a long recovery.


Frostmoot 10, 990
First day on site! So much history here, yet it’s all terribly unsettling. I find myself wondering how it is this civilization fell, the artwork here is so tranquil. They admired beauty and nature. The city belonged to people who worshiped their ancestor spirits- or so it seems. The other researchers here also find the stone walls and pillars to be architecturally magnificent, I am more interested in the habitants, but to each their own I suppose. Really excited to see what we find. The 5 of us make a good team.

Frostmoot 28, 992
Found an elegant mirror today, of all the tools and trinkets this civilization held, a mirror seems to be the most reassuring. Words cannot describe the beauty of this trinket. It helps prove my previous findings, that they admired beauty, possibly even themselves. There seems to be no trace of the race these stone walls once held, but they followed a religious figure, or priest if you will- in our modern terms. They burned their dead to flow back into the spirits. Such a peaceful relationship. I’ll save this mirror to give to my sister, it may cheer her up in this dark time we live in. Our mother always said “People will stare, so make it worth their while.”… how I miss her.

Firewane 3, 996
Today marks an extraordinary finding, the first of its kind! A civilization that adopted an entirely new religion. Not just a piece of its population, but as a whole. At a certain point in time the people seemed to have suddenly changed how they respected the spirits and their dead ones. Burying them or giving them tombs seated around a new leader. The hieroglyphics depicted a religious leader transitioning the dead into the afterlife, almost like a “Shepard of the dead” or “soul-reaper” of some sort.

Fellnight, 20, 997
Very odd discovery today, it’s like we uncovered a new civilization within a new civilization… but the time-line is exact. It seems something triggered an event of epic proportions for these people in such a powerful religious way that they started sacrificing loved one’s… or themselves.. for some higher purpose. It’s quite unsettling to think of. I could never sacrifice my loved ones… Amara… The thought pains me.

Lowsun 35, 999
I did it! I found out exactly what caused the event! My research will fix missing links with Historians for hundreds of years! This is greater than anything, even greater than Kalazanbarr and Titan Rahl! We finally opened the only tomb left in this place- in hopes to find the race that once ruled. There were no remains in the tomb at all, but scriptures of a great and powerful leader. Oh it’s much too exciting! I must begin piecing together all of my thoughts before I am to begin writing them down. We plan to have a small celebration this evening, then tomorrow I will begin my documents.

First though, this red coin I found in the tomb has me at awe. No treasure, just this absolutely stunning red coin. I feel drawn to it. Probably because I’ve been obsessed with this place and had zero credible findings until now… It’s like my saving grace. Maybe I’ll keep it, as a momentous of my own. My sister Amara would love this, but she gets the mirror, in memory of our mother- which she would hold dear more than anything else, as would I.

Lady Maradel

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