He is a middle-aged male human that is foppish in appearance. He has long, dark hair.  He is generally hedonistic, but also egoist and arrogant. His disposition is humble but he is deceitful by nature. He is quite timid in the face of danger. 

From Ardenia, but sent to Haldrim on beheast of Queen Aeleth of Ardenia. Seen amongst Haldrim with Elise on dates and other affairs.

Master Troubador Cristoph is leader of Ardenia’s bardic college The Whispered Song. (AKA The Whisper). Ardenia’s bards travel the kingdoms from the high city of Ardenia, Haldrim and Cardus all the way to Titan’s Gate, collecting and spreading news.

Supposedly sabotaged messages coming from Matissa when she was trying to send word about the Orcs being poisoned.

Sometimes seen drunk.


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