High Councilwoman of Tal'Dorei


Older human woman who retired from adventuring in the land of Tal’Dorei. She was part of a group of adventurers called Felthorns, who battled many creatures and defeated the Red Dragon who by the name of Scourged Rider- messenger of Titan Rahl.

Now leads the council of Sovereign Uriel Tal’Dorei’s political offices. She sees to laws, fairities, and peace across the land of Tal’Dorei. She has a close paladin gnome friend named Lady Kima, who was part of Vox Machina. When Allura came into office they lost touch and went on separate paths.

Has a white perl that turns into the Ivory Tower. Gifted it to Thia. Assists the heroes with political matters amongst Aladrov.


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