Titan Rahl

Once a legendary folk hero thousands of years ago, Rahl was a Paladin and vowed to follow his path of deity: the Order of the Platinum Dragon. Over time he ascended to nearly god-like status by constantly defending the innocent against evil. The gods granted him the title of Titan. He was still mortal, but larger and powerful in size. He could travel across different planes of existence as he wished, and lay waste to any evil overpowering city within a single night.

He fell in love with a Green Dragon by the name of Ethelinda, whom he bore children with. There was a time when all was at peace. Titan Rahl and Ethelinda ruled at the top of a mountain range in the land of Dwarves, Elves, and Man.

Suddenly, Titan Rahl became grossly evil and dominating. He began to enslave and kill everything in his path. Half his children also became evil, the other half sought refuge and shelter away from their father.

The Dwarves that were under the moutain rage that Titan Rahl ruled atop of, began to fight back. After a string of loses, a fearless and mighty Dwarf leader named Kalazanbaar led the final battle against Rahl. This epic battle took place where the defeat of Rahl caused the Mountain range to break, creating the Broken Spine.

With the defeat of Rahl peace was restored and spread across the Spinelands, under the noble rule of Kalazanbaar. Ethalinda gathered her treasure and fled, distraught her loved one was taken, abandoning her children… never to be seen again.

Two and a half centuries later, a red dragon by the name of Scourged Rider entered the material plane of Tal’Dorei, far east of the Spinelands. A powerful adventuring group, Felthorns, challenged this red dragon. The discovered he was a messenger of Titan Rahl, with plans of returning his master to the material plane.

Titan Rahl

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