A few hundred years ago…

There was a mountain range that separated the northern and southern areas of the Spinelands. A Titan named Rahl ruled from atop this mountain range. Fallen in love with the Green Dragon, Ethalinda, he bore children.

Soon after, Rahl suddenly became dominating and evil. Killing or enslaving everything in his path. Half of his children became evil, the other half sought refuge and shelter away from their father. The Dwarves that resided deep within this mountain range challenged Titan Rahl. Led by a fearless leader named Kalazanbaar, an epic battle took place where the defeat of Rahl caused the Mountain range to break, creating the Broken Spine.

Peace was restored and spread across the Spinelands, under the noble rule of Kalazanbaar. Ethalinda gathered her treasure and fled, distraught her loved one was taken, abandoning her children… never to be seen again.

Few hunderd years later
The heros were in the tavern of Riverhold, just north-west of Haldrim in the Northern Sanction. Corvyn, the gnome warlock ordered a new local drunk called Slugsmeade. Later on after the heros were coincidently seated next to each other, a farmer came in, covered in blood, screaming that his daughter was taken by goblins. The heroes decided to team up and investigate, following the farmer to his home. They found the tracks of the goblins, leading them to a crypt. The crypt is ancient, but holds a shrine that locals pray to. There is a grime covered wall in the back of this crypt behind the altar. The goblins were attempting to blood sacrifice the farmer's daughter. Before entering the crypt Corvyn fell ill, nearly dying. Luckily he just made friends with a devoted Cleric named Zealdor. After defeating the goblins, the heroes noticed the grime on the wall. Once they cleaned it off, it read "You must give this, if you are to keep it." After several different attempts, one hero finally spoke the answer, "Your Word".    Corri, the Elven ranger, spoke the answer to the riddle of the door in the crypt. Once opened the heroes entered the hidden section of the crypt. Inside were stashes of old weapons and one massive coffin surrounded by several others. Corri saw a handful of red coins nearby and picked one up. Touching this blood coin, she immediately collapsed – causing some sort of undead hooded being to rise from the center coffin, while undead massive knights emerged from the surrounding coffins. More powerful than her and her party of adventurers, they sapped all the life out of them, leaving them unconscious…. They woke up and with no other clues, decided to investigate why their new gnome friend fell ill…


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