According to Allura:

The dwarven kingdom to the north. They are masters of construct magics and though a small kingdom defend their lands with the constructs they build. These massive constructs, or golems if you will, are both large and powerful, but can be small and delicate also. They guard the kingdoms city.

It is an awe–inspiring sight, a great city of stone standing within a vast cavern, poised over a sea of molten lava. There the forges ring loudest, and the finest smiths create works that are the envy of all races. So much in fact that it seems the Queen of Ardenia has been enviious of all… I uncovered secretive discussions between Korin and Ardenia while I was gone, and only amongst the rif raf in the random tavern of sorts.

It appears that the Queen has been brokering an alliance with Korim for some time… To what extent I did not uncover, but it appeared that the queen wants something.

There is a Dragon Born there nonetheless, uncovering ancient artifacts with the same symbols on the coins you found. He has not been heard from for some time according to the Crucible.

The Crucible

The voting council of the three most powerful houses, thereby preventing ties in the legislature.

Great House Aurum, ruled by Thane Yarvil, the oldest house and first among equals on the Council of Brass. Voted against the alliance with Ardenia.

Great House Cuprum ruled by Thane Gilmarad. Sided with House Argentum in the vote on an alliance with Ardenia.

Great House Argentum ruled by Thane Roderann, the youngest of the three great houses on the council, brokered the alliance with Ardenia. This peace has brought her house great wealth, and power and this threatens Thane Yarvil and house Aurum.

The Fall of Kalazanbaar

80 years ago, when Korim first developed their Construct technology, they attacked their brothers to the south.

The Dwarves of Korim are now reviled by many because winning their war against had the unintended side-effect of annihilating their brothers to the south.

(See Kalazanbaar)

Most of the Dwarves of Korim believe an ancient Thaig deep in the Underdark holds the key to building a Platinum Conduit, the prophesized golem that grants intelligence and fortitude to those who are worthy.
There is reported tremors throughout the Underdark, but nothing has occurred to justify concern.
Tiberius began an expedition into the Underdark to find Thaigs. Every week he sends things back to the city. It must all be examined by The Crucible first before they ship it to Draconia, as per the agreement they made with the Ruler of Draconia, Tiberius’s father. His father funds his expedition.


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