The fearless leader that founded the Dwarven kingdom Kalazanbaar (named after himself) when he killed Titan Rahl, and split the mountain into the Broken Spine.

The Fall of Kalazanbaar

A civil war between the Dwarves of Kalazanbaar and Korim took place 80 years ago.

Korim, the smaller kingdom to the north, developed the Construct technology they needed to beat the larger, more established kingdom.

Kalazanbaar was managing to keep Korim at bay through relentless battles. But when the alliance of the Duegar and Giants emerged from below, the Dwarves of Kalazanbar found themselves fighting a three front war, and lost.

The Dwarves of Korim are now reviled by many because winning their war had the unintended side-effect of annihilating their brothers to the south.


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