Ruled by King Cyric the Grey, in his 91st year. A massive city covered with stone walls surrounding it. There are hundreds of buildings made of wood and brick throughout, and in the very centre of the city is the Palace called Grays Keep which can be clearly seen due to its massive size.

There are singers and priests walking about amongst the hustle and bustle of the city. People are talking, walking, kids laughing and chasing each other or their parents/guardians. It smells of food, iron, dirt, burning wood, and fresh cut grass. Farmers are hauling in carts towards the downtown markets, horses trotting, leading the cards forward.

A very large city that holds many establishments. The heroes have been seen to visit the Playful Toad and Cracked Mug taverns often.

It is the city that made a truce with the Orcs to the north, pissing off the legion captain Sethis whose men took to the hills and became the first bandits.

Certainly closer to his end than his beginning, Cryic fears what will happen when he passes. His daughter will be Queen, and Princess Elise lost her husband to the Orc Warfather Valkun. Cyric knows if his eldest daughter becomes Queen, the peace with the Orcs will quickly convert to war. A vocal, traditional minority would like this very much, and in spite of her hawkish sensibilities, the majority of the people of Haldrim love Princess Elise, and remember her as a girl.

His younger daughter, Miranda, is a potent enchanter and while Cyric would rather hand the reins of the country to her, whom he trusts, the people are deeply suspicious of sorcery and would not follow a Wizard-Queen ruling from her Tower of Sorcery.


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