Hammerfists of Aladrov

Vax's Downfall - Mick's Journal
Session 12

God this city is packed. I bet there is some nice booze around the corner. I should probably get some equipment before that though. Don’t know what I’ll do when the booze is flowing and I want a good deal before I piss anyone off.

I want a grilled lambs leg.

God these bank employees suck. Don’t we work for the Queen and they are treating us like assholes. Wish that fancy Elf lady Thia would speak up and give them shit.

I really wanna just chop this short Murdock dudes head off.

Fuck. No heads are rolling.

These horses smell, at least it smells better then this Tiger that I haven’t seen bath once since meeting them. She sure hugs him a lot too. Does she not notice? Oh well.

Coming up on Stolver, smells interesting.
Yeah I thought it reminded me of home. Corpses and burnt flesh everywhere.

Well that was fun except for that fear part. I hate Lichs man they fuck with your head. Just look at that half elf! He all of a sudden wanted to start a relationship with the old paladins sword. He did and lets just say things didn’t work out between them.

When we got there they were just being shady by the well. Less than fancy woodland Elf got frozen solid like that time i found weird mushrooms on that looted farmhouse. At that point I defaulted to normal behavior to cut down those in front of me. Those undead are hard to hit with all the missing flesh on them. The warlock was just weird during the fight, and that is coming from me. This weird ghost kept changing shapes. Old man Pally was the only sane one and tried to kill it!

I tried to eat an evil coin, I mean the noble shot the sun at it and that didn’t work so why not?

I finally cut down the big death knight after a lot of effort. Took his sword from him and it started talking to me! He likes to battle to the death too! Splendid! Now if he gives me more power then I’ll keep him around. Don’t know his name yet. If he doesn’t give me one then I’ll name him Jim, but that’s a work in progress.

Aaaaaannnnnddddd we have a zombie now. Oh well i did promise I’d pay him back when he loaned me the gold. I’ll at least speak with his soul to see if he wants to come back. If he does I’ll figure it out. If not then I’m debt free again! Always like to have a balanced ledger.

That dead Lich did look at me concerned and said that I was marked by “him” whatever that means. I can’t get that out of my head.

Vax's Downfall
Session 12

Nomak decided to visit the closest bank in hopes of depositing the hoard of bandit gold he found in his bag of holding. He somehow managed to open a bank account with a savings account, pay for “bandit” tax, and other fees that come with opening accounts across the Northern Sanctions. He designated himself and Cori as the account holders.

The Hammerfists first attempted to acquire new gear at Percy’s Wondrous Goods before setting off. They left the shop with some more cool loot, yet their pockets were now very empty. Cori informed the group of Nomak’s banking expedition, where they then set off to get back the gold they thought was wrongfully taken from their Goliath friend.

After causing a scene in Murdock’s Ingots (the bank), several of the guards informed the Hammerfists to settle down or be removed from the bank. Vax continued to ignore the guards and cause an unease to customers that made them uncomfortable- whereby he was forcefully removed from the bank…. as was Soriah.

When they finally met Murdock, the Hammerfists voiced their concerns and opinions. Murdock, not being swayed, informed them of the laws in this city and how taxes are applied. The Elven ranger read Murdock like the scoundrel he was, and threatened to take the matter to the queen. One thousand three hundred and three. Murdock dropped the charade, begging the Hammerfists to forgive him by giving back the “taxed” gold he took from Nomak.

Eventually the Hammerfists set off to Ardenia on their new steeds, gifted to them by Queen Elise. They planned to infiltrate the bardic college of The Whispered Song as the now deceased Troubadour Christoph, leader of the college.

It quickly became dark with approaching rain clouds. The adventurers decided to camp in the closest village of Stolver. As they approached the village they smelled burnt meats, making their stomachs rumble. A dense fog began to settle in. They got closer to the village and smelled not only burnt meat… but burnt hair also. Soon the smell of rotten corpses filled the air. Cori and Mick scouted ahead to figure out the cause.

Mick, being the scoundrel he is, began looting corpses, while Cori darted up stairs to see what was going on in the town. She saw two figures, on in full black Armour, and another glowing figure around a glowing red orb, standing above a well. As she called the rest of her party, she drew her bow and yelled “STOP” (Although she didn’t yell, just spoke)

At that point they looked at her and she froze and could not move. Mick snuck up the stairs, tried to pull her back and could not move her. He then saw the two in the middle of the town, said “FUCK IT” jumped off the balcony, and was feared by the figure by the well. The rest of the group showed up.

At this point, the entity by the well turns and looks at the party – it is the lich king Tybolt that they party faced during their first encounter. He gets into the Hammerfists’ heads and begins toying with their emotions. He promises Vax and Corvyn their loved ones back, conjures up an illusion, and the two idiots are swayed into believing him.

As the party goes to attack the bad guys, Vax and Corvyn, against the silly but what she self describes as valiant Cori trying to convince them otherwise, side with the bad guys. A very difficult battle begins.
-Cori threw her red coin at Thia and she tried to destroy it with a spider fang (no luck).
- Thia tried to destroy the red coin with her circlet.
- Mick trying to swallow the coin
- Vax threw himself in front of Dartanian’s attack, falling (again) to the clutch of death
- Corvyn attacked Dartanian, putting him dangerously close to death
- The Dark Knight deal narcotic damage, killing Vax
- Corvyn, backed away from the fight wanting nothing to do with it.
- The Lich King zombifies Vax, who now tried to eat everyone
- Corvyn convinced by Cori joints the fight to help kill the Dark Knight.
- Thia starts reading the Lich Kings mind, ultimately seeing him read the parties minds (a fucked up group, and discovering how to destroy the coins, and forcing the Lich King to run
- With alot of bad luck, the group finally defeats the Death Knight
-Everyone avoided dealing damage to Zombie Vax

After the battle, the group ties up Zombie Vax, and searched the village. They find one more red coin in the forge, where the blacksmith seemed to have tried to destroy it.

They leave the village and set up camp in the forest, heading on their way to Ardenia, where maybe someone can help bring their fallen comrade back.

**Edit – Minor changes have been made due to obvious prejudices from the Elves

A Forsaken Prophecy
Session 11

With Nomak and Corvyn entering the village after the battle for Havenmoore, the duo was briefed on everything that happened in their absence.

Nomak remembered the egg he found in the depths of Sethis’s dungeoun and began to try and care for it, with the help of Corvyn of course. Thia looted gold bracers off a stone giant’s body, gifting them to the locals in hopes of them rebuilding and fortifying Havenmoore.

A swirl of white began twisting and turning into a giant humanoid shape. Standing before them was Queen Airilith, the cloud giant. Humiliated and angry that a piece of her army was maimed by the Hammerfists, she spoke with an illuminated tranquil voice of justice to be served against them by her hands. She had one goal: to prevent A Forsaken Prophecy from coming to pass. No one would stand in her way, for the prophecy was as old as when her people fell from Osteria four millennia ago.

While although Cori hated hill giants, she knew the rarity of cloud giants. They were a race that was hardly seen in the world for their kind are nearly extinct. Cori attempted to convince Airilith in her native Giant tongue that they could help her: that she need not gather an army, take supplies from villages, or feed her army to help keep it going. Nomak, seeing this conversation take place, ran up to the Queen and attempted to persuade her as well.

The rest of the party did not understand what was happening, and began to attack Airilith. The cloud giant defended herself and lashed back at the onslaught against her. Eventually she was knocked to the ground, where a strong Nomak the Goliath helped her to her feet.

Airilith laid down her weapon, and dropped the white cloud surrounding the village. As it faded, the heroes now laid eyes on many orcs and giants. Airilith’s army had come, as did Valkun’s. They stopped fighting each other immediately as she spoke freely to the Hammerfists. She took out a black dragon scale, with an inscription on the back written in Underdark:

“For he will rise from the 9-depths of Hell and seek out the blood of champions, consuming them to conquer the Earth plane of existence. Thordak, our Cinder King.”

Airilith accepted a truce, and allowed the Hammerfists to assist her in halting the prophecy. Before parting ways however, Nomak asked the Queen what was inside the egg of his. She held it and smiled, warming it. She told Nomak her kind once used these mythical beasts as their pets and riders. Handing it back to him, Nomak’s egg shook and cracked. A beak pierced the shell, followed by a feathery eagle head. Two talons broke through as well, only they were talons attached to paws. Two wings popped from its back. Curled up in his hands, was a baby Griffith.

The heroes set out to Haldrim, where a new tragedy had taken place….

Gates locked and guards out, no one was to enter or leave the city. Princess Miranda was assassinated. Thia convinced the guard captain to let her speak to King Cyric. Upon entering the city she saw three hanging bodies: Christoph, bartender and waitress of the Cracked Mug. Further inward she noticed how empty the streets were since last she passed through. Many doors and windows were sealed shut. The captain began telling her how a week ago there was a robbery and assassination on the King’s youngest daughter. They believe it to be Ardenia because of a red rose seal left behind in plain sight. Up castle Grey steps were two guardsmen being flogged, and the treasurer being tortured.

Inside the castle hall entranceway was a ceremonial coffin, adorned in gold trimming and flowers spread around. The King was there kneeling in front of it. Thia spoke to him, attempting to relieve him of his pain and sorrow, while at the same time trying to convince him to stop barring the city. Eventually princess Elise entered, who also attempted to calm her old father.

Seeing his sanity get the better of him, he slowly turned and faced his now only daughter. He relinquished his title of King, and bestowed it upon his daughter: now the Queen of Haldrim.

Thia and Queen Elise spoke of the possibilities that could have allowed this travesty to pass. Eventually coming to the realization that the act may have been a ploy. Elise tasked the hammerfists with finding out the true cause, as well as the murderer, and to set forth to Ardenia.

Heroes of Havenmoore
Session 10

Dirk, the magically mischievous half-elf, looted the body of a stone giant and discovered a note. The Giants were using a “pet” to infiltrate settlements before initiating attacks, like their own personal walking reconnaissance tool. The nearest village was Havenmoore, so the adventures set off.

After arriving in Havenmoore, the Hammerfists discovered a broken town. Cattle torn apart, buildings caved in, and guardsman laying half-eaten. Knowing the Giants would be returning, Hammerfists tried to convince the townspeople to flee. This proved to be difficult, as they refused to run, but chose to fight.

Hammerfists decided that if they couldn’t convince them to leave, they would help them fight by training them.

Each Hammerfist member was given a squad of villagers, and for three days taught them the core values of sneaking, hunting, fighting, healing, and voice throwing. Between these training sessions the wood elf Cori sent an aviary to Valkun and Cyric, requesting assistance from their armies in the upcoming fight. They also set out to look for the missing local drunkard Spooby, with no sign or clue of his disappearance. They had a sneaky suspicion that Spooby was the Giants “pet”

After the third day of training around mid-morning, a thick cloud of white surrounded the village. Cori set out to scout around the village. She heard limping footsteps on the patch leading into the depths of the forest, only the light sounds of these footsteps were drawing closer to the village. She jumped behind the running individual, now able to see it was a wood elf in tattered clothing. He also matched the description of the local drunkard Spooby. Challenging him, yelling to put his hands in the air and turn around. As the man turned, Cori was no longer starring at the local drunkard..but into the face of her father, whom she thought was killed by giants that stormed her clan 100 years ago.

Stunned and shaken, Cori grabbed her father and jumped off the path with Soriah, nearly being hit by a boulder plunged straight at them. With her fast feet and Soriah’s swiftness, they quickly retreated back into the village. Knowing the giants were close behind her, the Hammerfists braced themselves.. The battle for Havenmoore had begun…

Vax’s group initiated a surprise attack on a stone giant, at the cost of being pulverised and sending Vax flying through the air nearly to his death. While Mick’s group of fighters managed to take down three giants, and Thia’s group keeping the party alive. Thia set up traps and outer-defences that forced Giants into choke-points. She also threw out illusion based cards that enticed giants into her traps. Cori and her squad laid a barrage of arrows like artillery fire to suppress the onslaught. Dirks group flanked 2 giants, sending them to their knees to be finished off.

It was now the end of the incredible battle with five giants laying dead at the hands of the Hammerfists and Havenmoore villagers. Rubble and ruin everywhere, yet they were alive. A new sense of pride and sadness spread around the town. Although they won the battle, they lost 10 villagers… but they would not be forgotten. The villagers cheered and whistled, for they could not have done it without the Hammerfists: Heroes of Havenmoore


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