Vax'uldan (Vax)

Urchin, Rogue, Anti-Sobriety Advocate


Vax is a 4 foot 8 Half-Elf, Half-Human. He has a slim build, good for sneaking in and out of places inconspicuously. He has a cunning tongue and sharp eyes, trained from his years of studying as a thief, assassin, and other odd jobs. His methods of execution may be unorthodox, but at the end of the day, the job gets done and he gets paid. His preferred method is a soft approach, relying on his persuasion and deception skills to get a job done with none the wiser, however, should it come to be that force is required, he carries all sorts of tools for dispatching his quarry. Vax also possesses his OBPP certification, which designates the recipient as a licensed thief and official member of the Thieves Guild. This is a hands-on certification that requires one to apply their thieving skills to infiltrate a high-security location and acquire an object of significant value, otherwise known as an “Infiltration Test”


Sister: Vex’aliah (pronouced: Vex-al-leah)
Mother: Vas’miah (pronouced: Vas-me-ah)
Grew up near a Human settlement called Falworth. Son to a Human Father(Luke) and Elf
Mother(Vas’miah), brother to a half-elf sister(Vex’aliah). Luke was a soldier in the Ardanian Kingdom, and knew his status would falter if news of his elf love and 2 half elf children came to light, so he left when they were born and they never saw him again. He may be fighting a war in the east on behalf of Ardania.

As young half-elves in a human dominant town, Vax did not gain trust or friendships quite easily, if any at all. While growing up, what nearby local elf clans he and Vex occasionally came in contact with saw him as half-humans, and the human townsfolk saw them as measly half-elves. They only had each other to count on. Over time they both became tired of playing nice, deciding to gain the happiness they each deserved. With a kind elf single mother struggling to raise two children, they both slowly became notoriously good
at stealing and pilfering. Over time, a certain guild came to hear of them. That guild lied within the great city of Ardenia, the Thieves guild. They both set out to Ardenia to send back gold in support for their mother. After 2 years of several hundred guild jobs, they managed to get enough money to help your family move someplace where you could all fit in better, after one last job. He and his sister needed to break into a Commander’s home and steal a piece of paper. During the heist, a dark figure ambushed them, and after a struggle killed his sister and escaped, leaving Vax to be captured. He escaped shortly after and fled to a forest, meeting up with the Hammerfists. Vax is currently looking to get back in the trade, and thinks his group could be a great asset for work. They just don’t know it yet.

Vax'uldan (Vax)

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