Thia Tal'Dorei (Deceased)

High Elf- Wizard


Noble Moon Elf who studies Evocation. Is fluent in common, elvish, infernal and gnomish.


Thia grew up in a kingdom of Tal’Dorei where her Uncle ruled. Her uncle loved and adored her as if she were his own kin. She presumed it was because he never had any children to bare the mark to rule. Her Uncle knew his Brother and thus his brothers offspring would take hold of the throne. Her father harbors jealousy of Thia’s relationship with Uriel and her impending rule over Tal’Dorei. Thia left prove to her father that she will be a worthy ruler. She has no brothers or sisters.

Lives in City of Emon, the capital city in the kingdom of Tal’Dorei.

Uncle is the Sovereign Uriel Tal’Dorei the 3rd, Aunt is Empress Melrue Tal’Dorei

Thia is tall and slender at 6’ and 135lbs
She has silver hair and Ice blue eyes with a near white complexion. She stands tall and strong, exuding authority. Her dark blue robes and attire are elegant, projecting her wealthy background and that she is someone of great importance.

Thia Tal'Dorei (Deceased)

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