Previous captain of the guard in Haldrim. Now bandit leader.


When Haldrim made a truce with the orcs to the north, it pissed off Sethis, the legion captain of the guard. He and his men took to the hills and became the first bandits. They were soon joined by others. Sethis is now Lord of the Bandit Tribes amongst the Burnt Hills.

Ruthless, cunning, and has a silver tongue. It was easy for him to acquire a gang of bandits with these qualities. Rape, torture, and murder is what he dishes out to everyone who stands in his way.

Sethis is linked to slugsmeade. He struck a deal with Mallok to help make the poison. Mallok rounded up goblins and other monsters alike to help gather ingredients, poisonous ones. In return, Sethis promises to help take out the Blue Scale tribe and their leader, Xartan, if they make the poison.

He has a powerful druid, Vertay, assisting him in creating the poison to wipe the Orcs. Sethis had captured orcs and holding them within Daggersnook for the Druid to test poisons on.


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