Auntie Morgen Middenheap (Fallen Fairy)

Green Hag


Old and wicked, this “Fallen Fairy” is eerily worshiped by the locals of Creagan. Made a deal with the heroes to help them restore a blood coin… but for a price that took the life of one of them.


Prince Laurence was deathly sick, and his father, King Edmond, wanted dearly to help his boy. He sought every possible healer to help, but it only helped him temporarily before his symptoms started again. Each time the healers applied their magic, the symptoms eventually returned and grew worse, and worse… until eventually the young prince was pale, clammy, nearly comatose and coughing up blood.

Now, a King of Edmonds stature would never delve into dark magics… but he heard of the “fallen fairy” in Creagan. How she could help solve nearly any problem. She cured a man’s blindness, an unfaithful woman’s lust, brought rain to the farmers crops. One dark night the King traveled from Cardus to Creagan, making sure no one knew where he was going. He brought two gaurds with him, instead of the normal troope of 20-30 he usually must bring when he travels.

That night, he made a deal with the fallen fairy…Auntie Morgan Middenheap. She said she would cure his son, but she required something in return.

After discussing terms… hesitantly, he agreed, and gave her what she wanted.

The next day, the boy was miraculously better. Edmond was thankful for his sons health, but ashamed about the terms. So he went into battle to let out esteem…

Eventually the heroes came across this unusual creature. They struck a deal with her, remove a Dragon from her so-called ‘old home’ at Dragons Blight. After doing so they came back to receive their reward. After heated discussions and curiosity, they ended up losing much more than they bargained for… and letting her escape.

Auntie Morgen Middenheap (Fallen Fairy)

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