Son of the Warfather, close friend to Nomak


Son of Valkun, the Warfather of the Red Sun Tribe. Nephew of Warmaster Kalobry. His mother died during childbirth. He the tallest Orc in his tribe, and certainly the strongest. He carries a battleaxe attached to a chain. Very close to Nomak due to his size, as he has never met anyone taller than him.

Usually appears with the Heroes when they are in dire need, as he is always wandering away from his home.

Slightly handicap, has a hard time in communicating to people. He uses emotions with one or two words to project his feelings. His name is usually in the first part of every short verb or adjective he attempts to describe: “Grog look”, “Grog hurt”, “Grog Kanrokk”.

Kanrokk means homeless in Orcish. He constantly calls himself this, because he is looking for his mother. He thinks if he finds his mother, she will return and his people will no longer be homeless. Even though he has yet to make the connection, the meaning is due to the humans of the Northern Sanction who deforested the plains and evicted the orcs from the southern territory. Rendering them Kanrokk.


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