Previous King of Haldrim


91 years old and king of Haldrim. Yearns for ruling similar to the days of Kalazanbarr. The days when the dwarves of the Broken Spine ensured peace throughout the land.

Cyric fears what will happen when he passes. His daughter, Elise, will be Queen. Princess Elise lost her husband to the Orc Warfather (then a young Headtaker) Valkun some years ago. Cyric knows if his eldest daughter becomes Queen, the peace with the Orcs will quickly convert to war. A vocal, traditional minority would like this very much, and in spite of her hawkish sensibilities, the majority of the people of Haldrim love Princess Elise, and remember her when she was a young girl.

His younger daughter, Miranda, is a potent enchanter and while Cyric would rather hand the reins of the country to her, whom he trusts, the people are deeply suspicious of sorcery and would not follow a Wizard-Queen ruling from her “Tower of Sorcery”.

Cyric asks the heroes to prove to the people that sorcery is what the kingdom needs by killing whatever evil lies in Coromagus that has appeared over the years, getting stronger and stronger. He also asks the heroes to investigate the slugsmeade poison.


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