Corvyndereza Wololius (Corvyn)

Gnome warlock. Devil's weed toker



I am a short and slender rock gnome. I have white, lightly tanned skin, which is rough like leather from all my time surviving in the wild as a secluded hermit. My bright white hair is tangled and unkempt but it is normally covered by my slightly too big cap. A gnarled nose and long expertly groomed beard are my defining features. Normally I wear a basic set of wizard like robes which has a plethora of pockets to hold all my most important trinkets and gems, as I am just a gnome after all.


I hail from a wooded area in the Western Heartlands of Faerûn. The community I grew up in lived relatively close to Baldur’s Gate which led to our people trading with the city and working within it a lot more than most gnomes. After my beloved wife Vohania mysteriously disappeared I toiled day and night trying to figure out where she could have gone or what could have happened to her. After many days and nights of searching I started seeing messages and signs leading me in a direction. First it started off as an arrow with her initials under it scratched into a tree. As I followed them I started receiving strange dreams of an unknown location. I kept searching for this area and as I got closer I stumbled upon a small stone etched with symbols from what I assume to be an ancient civilization, yet somehow I understood them perfectly and knew exactly where to go. After reaching the area of my dreams I finally saw her again. Her lifeless body, throat slit and haphazardly dumped in a hidden glade. From then on I have built my home and life in that glade and the surrounding forest. I do not know who or what led me hear but I realize that it has chosen me.

Corvyndereza Wololius (Corvyn)

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