Corqueama tel'Dome (Cori)

Elven Ranger


Cori is a 5 foot 10 inch Elven ranger. She has dirty blonde hair and piercing green eyes. She had a slim but strong build from all of her years as a ranger and tracking giants. She favours earth colours such as green and browns, as they help her blend into her surroundings. She has a beautiful Elven bow that she keeps by her side at all times, as well as two short swords.


When Cori was a young girl she lived in a small village with her family. It was a very peaceful village, in the southern forest of Rothilion. One day, after her father came home from a hunt, the ground started shaking and screams could be heard throughout the forest. As the roof of their home was ripped off the walls, Cornaith grabbed Cori and Alowyen and threw them under the table. A hand came down and knocked Cornaith through the back wall. At the same time Alowyen was grabbed from under the table and all Cori saw was her mothers feet disappear into the air. She heard a sickening crunch and saw a stream of blood fall from the sky. Cori smelt an awful smell, and saw the tan feet of a giant. The giant wandered off and Cori got up to sneak off. She saw her father lying on the ground and he told her to “Run, run fast and don’t stop running”. Cori, not wanting to leave her father, was crying and saying ‘no, no, no’. At this point the giants came back, Cornaith grabbed the pendant that was around his neck, put it in Cori’s hands and yelled for her to run. Cornaith tried to shoot them with his bow, but the giant started beating him and finally killed him and started after Cori. As Cori tried to run, another giant appeared in front of her, cutting off her only escape. Cori had no where to go as a hand reached down the kill her. But then she heard the most ferocious roar, and out of no where a beast jumped out of the forest and sunk his teeth into the hand. As the giant jerked away, Cori saw the most magnificent, ferocious, white tiger – blood and saliva dripping from its mouth. It leapt out of the way as the other giants club smash to the ground where it was, climbed up the giants arm, and sunk its teeth into its neck. After being thrown off, and knowing that it could not win against multiple giants, he grabbed Cori in its mouth, evaded the giants and bounded off into the forest, where Cori passed out. When she woke, she was in a hut. Things came back to her slowly, and she looked out of her bedroom to see a man she recognized – her uncle that was exiled from her village. He was looking at the White Tiger. The tiger came over to Cori, put his head against hers, and then left, never to be seen again. Cori’s uncle trained her to become a fierce ranger, and she eventually left him, though he tried to convince her otherwise, to get revenge for her family.

During her travels with the Hammerfists, Cori gained the most handsome companion in Soriah, the white tiger. She was also reunited with her father, whom she thought dead. Cori will do everything in her power to stop the evil that is rising in the lands, and live the rest of her days with her beloved father and Soriah.

Corqueama tel'Dome (Cori)

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