Hammerfists of Aladrov

Vax's Downfall - Mick's Journal

Session 12

God this city is packed. I bet there is some nice booze around the corner. I should probably get some equipment before that though. Don’t know what I’ll do when the booze is flowing and I want a good deal before I piss anyone off.

I want a grilled lambs leg.

God these bank employees suck. Don’t we work for the Queen and they are treating us like assholes. Wish that fancy Elf lady Thia would speak up and give them shit.

I really wanna just chop this short Murdock dudes head off.

Fuck. No heads are rolling.

These horses smell, at least it smells better then this Tiger that I haven’t seen bath once since meeting them. She sure hugs him a lot too. Does she not notice? Oh well.

Coming up on Stolver, smells interesting.
Yeah I thought it reminded me of home. Corpses and burnt flesh everywhere.

Well that was fun except for that fear part. I hate Lichs man they fuck with your head. Just look at that half elf! He all of a sudden wanted to start a relationship with the old paladins sword. He did and lets just say things didn’t work out between them.

When we got there they were just being shady by the well. Less than fancy woodland Elf got frozen solid like that time i found weird mushrooms on that looted farmhouse. At that point I defaulted to normal behavior to cut down those in front of me. Those undead are hard to hit with all the missing flesh on them. The warlock was just weird during the fight, and that is coming from me. This weird ghost kept changing shapes. Old man Pally was the only sane one and tried to kill it!

I tried to eat an evil coin, I mean the noble shot the sun at it and that didn’t work so why not?

I finally cut down the big death knight after a lot of effort. Took his sword from him and it started talking to me! He likes to battle to the death too! Splendid! Now if he gives me more power then I’ll keep him around. Don’t know his name yet. If he doesn’t give me one then I’ll name him Jim, but that’s a work in progress.

Aaaaaannnnnddddd we have a zombie now. Oh well i did promise I’d pay him back when he loaned me the gold. I’ll at least speak with his soul to see if he wants to come back. If he does I’ll figure it out. If not then I’m debt free again! Always like to have a balanced ledger.

That dead Lich did look at me concerned and said that I was marked by “him” whatever that means. I can’t get that out of my head.



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