Hammerfists of Aladrov

Vax's Downfall

Session 12

Nomak decided to visit the closest bank in hopes of depositing the hoard of bandit gold he found in his bag of holding. He somehow managed to open a bank account with a savings account, pay for “bandit” tax, and other fees that come with opening accounts across the Northern Sanctions. He designated himself and Cori as the account holders.

The Hammerfists first attempted to acquire new gear at Percy’s Wondrous Goods before setting off. They left the shop with some more cool loot, yet their pockets were now very empty. Cori informed the group of Nomak’s banking expedition, where they then set off to get back the gold they thought was wrongfully taken from their Goliath friend.

After causing a scene in Murdock’s Ingots (the bank), several of the guards informed the Hammerfists to settle down or be removed from the bank. Vax continued to ignore the guards and cause an unease to customers that made them uncomfortable- whereby he was forcefully removed from the bank…. as was Soriah.

When they finally met Murdock, the Hammerfists voiced their concerns and opinions. Murdock, not being swayed, informed them of the laws in this city and how taxes are applied. The Elven ranger read Murdock like the scoundrel he was, and threatened to take the matter to the queen. One thousand three hundred and three. Murdock dropped the charade, begging the Hammerfists to forgive him by giving back the “taxed” gold he took from Nomak.

Eventually the Hammerfists set off to Ardenia on their new steeds, gifted to them by Queen Elise. They planned to infiltrate the bardic college of The Whispered Song as the now deceased Troubadour Christoph, leader of the college.

It quickly became dark with approaching rain clouds. The adventurers decided to camp in the closest village of Stolver. As they approached the village they smelled burnt meats, making their stomachs rumble. A dense fog began to settle in. They got closer to the village and smelled not only burnt meat… but burnt hair also. Soon the smell of rotten corpses filled the air. Cori and Mick scouted ahead to figure out the cause.

Mick, being the scoundrel he is, began looting corpses, while Cori darted up stairs to see what was going on in the town. She saw two figures, on in full black Armour, and another glowing figure around a glowing red orb, standing above a well. As she called the rest of her party, she drew her bow and yelled “STOP” (Although she didn’t yell, just spoke)

At that point they looked at her and she froze and could not move. Mick snuck up the stairs, tried to pull her back and could not move her. He then saw the two in the middle of the town, said “FUCK IT” jumped off the balcony, and was feared by the figure by the well. The rest of the group showed up.

At this point, the entity by the well turns and looks at the party – it is the lich king Tybolt that they party faced during their first encounter. He gets into the Hammerfists’ heads and begins toying with their emotions. He promises Vax and Corvyn their loved ones back, conjures up an illusion, and the two idiots are swayed into believing him.

As the party goes to attack the bad guys, Vax and Corvyn, against the silly but what she self describes as valiant Cori trying to convince them otherwise, side with the bad guys. A very difficult battle begins.
-Cori threw her red coin at Thia and she tried to destroy it with a spider fang (no luck).
- Thia tried to destroy the red coin with her circlet.
- Mick trying to swallow the coin
- Vax threw himself in front of Dartanian’s attack, falling (again) to the clutch of death
- Corvyn attacked Dartanian, putting him dangerously close to death
- The Dark Knight deal narcotic damage, killing Vax
- Corvyn, backed away from the fight wanting nothing to do with it.
- The Lich King zombifies Vax, who now tried to eat everyone
- Corvyn convinced by Cori joints the fight to help kill the Dark Knight.
- Thia starts reading the Lich Kings mind, ultimately seeing him read the parties minds (a fucked up group, and discovering how to destroy the coins, and forcing the Lich King to run
- With alot of bad luck, the group finally defeats the Death Knight
-Everyone avoided dealing damage to Zombie Vax

After the battle, the group ties up Zombie Vax, and searched the village. They find one more red coin in the forge, where the blacksmith seemed to have tried to destroy it.

They leave the village and set up camp in the forest, heading on their way to Ardenia, where maybe someone can help bring their fallen comrade back.

**Edit – Minor changes have been made due to obvious prejudices from the Elves



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