Hammerfists of Aladrov


The Depths of Korim

It has been a while since i last wrote in here. I guess it has been a long time since I have even had the time to gather my thoughts and write them down. Far too much has happened since we fought the dragon, and I won’t write about it here. There are some memories that I would rather forget.

I am not even sure of the date or time, it is quite disorienting being so far below the earth. I wish I had blue sky above me and could hear the leaves rustling in the wind. Instead, I have dirt, dirt everywhere! Not to mention the horrible echoes throughout the caverns. I really hate it down here, everything seems to want to kill us.

Anyways, as we have trudged through the depths of Korim we came upon three entrances. One labelled ‘Courtyard’, another ‘Bath House’, and another ‘Study’. I won’t describe the bath house to save Cori’s pride, but I do wish my friends weren’t so apt to getting themselves in the strangest of troubles. Luckily after that ordeal we were smart enough not to figure out what the courtyard had in store for us and went straight to the study. Inside we found a tied up vampire. She seemed starving so I gave her some of my blood in hopes that we could get some information out of her or even have her as an ally. Unfortunately the Hammerfists are well known for stabbing first and asking questions later… and she promptly was stabbed to death by a much to eager Vax! I can’t believe he killed someone so helpless but as he did the voices in my head seemed to change, they seemed almost.. elated? Dammit , I don’t understand! I was about ready to kill him myself until I noticed some strange markings on her skin. Just a V and W carved into her. What is this VW.. does it have anything to do with the bloody V painted on the door? As they butcher the vampire for parts of value I searched through the study and found some books that seemed almost to call to me. One had a V, another had VW and the third just called to me. I still don’t understand, but there is only one VW I know of. Why would her initials be down here? Is this Tybolt toying with me? I know he read my mind before but there is no way he would set this all up. I need to find someone who understands undercommon so I can figure out what these books say! Before I could think more on it at the time we were interrupted by Tybolt and some of his henchman or rather, henchmonsters. I don’t know why he thought they could kill us, he has to be playing with us at this point and I don’t like this game. After handling the death knight swiftly, Taurion managed to break the floor and finish off the big beast with a large splat. Again the voices changed, this time they seemed joyful.

As the Hammerfists do, we went forward going deeper still. As we walked further down this newly opened hallway I remembered that Arya mentioned vampires were able to compel others with just a look. If I wasn’t so distracted by everything else I would have mentioned that we gather her eyes and see if there is still some magic in them but it’s too late now. As we went on we had to face multiple grueling trials. By the end of it I was starting to hate the ancient dwarves. All these stupid trials of pain, like we haven’t been through enough already! Once we finally made it through we came upon a large platinum golem. This one was different, it had one of those red coins in its center giving it life. It tried to fight us as most things do, but with my quick thinking I fixed the magic circle underneath it causing it to stop and speak with us. It turned out to be a he, one of the clerics of the coinpurse. We decided to have him come and help us out, a powerful ally like that will be great. Although personally I just want his red coin. I need to speak with Tybolt again and learn what he knows about these voices, about the Great old One and I fear the only way to do that is with a trade. Coin for information.

I am writing this as the rest of the Hammerfists snore away. This will be a sleepless rest for me. Too much to think about, too much to plan. At least I can trust no one will snoop through my belongings and read this, I can only imagine what they would think. In the end, I hope they understand that I am just trying to save them from the same fate as Mick. I wasn’t strong enough then to keep him alive but if I play my cards right I’ll be strong enough for everyone.


Disclaimer I wrote this from memory at work so, sorry that I probably missed a bunch of stuff or if its a little disorganized



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