Hammerfists of Aladrov

Heroes of Havenmoore

Session 10

Dirk, the magically mischievous half-elf, looted the body of a stone giant and discovered a note. The Giants were using a “pet” to infiltrate settlements before initiating attacks, like their own personal walking reconnaissance tool. The nearest village was Havenmoore, so the adventures set off.

After arriving in Havenmoore, the Hammerfists discovered a broken town. Cattle torn apart, buildings caved in, and guardsman laying half-eaten. Knowing the Giants would be returning, Hammerfists tried to convince the townspeople to flee. This proved to be difficult, as they refused to run, but chose to fight.

Hammerfists decided that if they couldn’t convince them to leave, they would help them fight by training them.

Each Hammerfist member was given a squad of villagers, and for three days taught them the core values of sneaking, hunting, fighting, healing, and voice throwing. Between these training sessions the wood elf Cori sent an aviary to Valkun and Cyric, requesting assistance from their armies in the upcoming fight. They also set out to look for the missing local drunkard Spooby, with no sign or clue of his disappearance. They had a sneaky suspicion that Spooby was the Giants “pet”

After the third day of training around mid-morning, a thick cloud of white surrounded the village. Cori set out to scout around the village. She heard limping footsteps on the patch leading into the depths of the forest, only the light sounds of these footsteps were drawing closer to the village. She jumped behind the running individual, now able to see it was a wood elf in tattered clothing. He also matched the description of the local drunkard Spooby. Challenging him, yelling to put his hands in the air and turn around. As the man turned, Cori was no longer starring at the local drunkard..but into the face of her father, whom she thought was killed by giants that stormed her clan 100 years ago.

Stunned and shaken, Cori grabbed her father and jumped off the path with Soriah, nearly being hit by a boulder plunged straight at them. With her fast feet and Soriah’s swiftness, they quickly retreated back into the village. Knowing the giants were close behind her, the Hammerfists braced themselves.. The battle for Havenmoore had begun…

Vax’s group initiated a surprise attack on a stone giant, at the cost of being pulverised and sending Vax flying through the air nearly to his death. While Mick’s group of fighters managed to take down three giants, and Thia’s group keeping the party alive. Thia set up traps and outer-defences that forced Giants into choke-points. She also threw out illusion based cards that enticed giants into her traps. Cori and her squad laid a barrage of arrows like artillery fire to suppress the onslaught. Dirks group flanked 2 giants, sending them to their knees to be finished off.

It was now the end of the incredible battle with five giants laying dead at the hands of the Hammerfists and Havenmoore villagers. Rubble and ruin everywhere, yet they were alive. A new sense of pride and sadness spread around the town. Although they won the battle, they lost 10 villagers… but they would not be forgotten. The villagers cheered and whistled, for they could not have done it without the Hammerfists: Heroes of Havenmoore



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