Hammerfists of Aladrov

Please don't be a dragon... SHIT ITS A DRAGON!

August 12th Session

Another day, another adventure awaits.

As I head down from my room in the Fallworth tavern I notice our good friend Dartanian has finally shown up again. I don’t know where he went, but I’m glad he is back, I don’t like it when any of our companions wander off. The barkeep was nice enough to give us a little more backstory about the missing boy; I hope he is okay. God’s is it ever hard to focus on him talking… The buzzing is growing stronger and the whispers don’t stop! What does it all mean!? I need to shut it out with some of Metissa’s finest. Finally we set out for Henrietta’s home, the boys lover, and finally I can spark my pipe. While speaking with Henrietta she keeps bringing up thunderstorms but all I could think about was my beloved Vohania. I remember the days of our young love. Now I really hope Quinton is okay! We say our farewells and head off to investigate Quinton’s home. I don’t know why Thia can’t stand the place, it seems quite homey. We didn’t get any clues about the boys whereabouts but I was able to find a stash of excellent devils weed! How a farmer boy like him got a hold of such quality I’ll never know. Maybe he just had a bad trip and ran for the hills? Oh well, finders keepers.

After a nice stroll we made it to Baylon’s farm. Cori’s tiger immediately starts herding and playing with the cows. The way he pounced around, even making one feign death, was hilarious. I could barely contain my laughter. So I knock on the farmers door and call out for Baylon… shit his name was Daylon! How could I forget so easily? The party questions him about Quinton and we learn three important things. One, Quinton is not a wizard, just a fellow toker. Two, the strange thunderstorms always bring about these strange burnt circles and missing cows. And three, Daylon cannot handle his devils weed; but I sure am glad Mick made him smoke some, that was hilarious even if the rest of the party didn’t think so. Daylon then starts babbling on about the town being cursed, I am not high enough to really believe him and neither is the rest of my friends it seems. Well except for Cori because she starts mooing at all the cows. I don’t know what the hell is going on but she seemed to be having a deep conversation with these cows because she later explained that they saw some winged beast take away the other cows and the boy. Thia keeps telling us that it must be a storm dragon. I doubt it would be though. Don’t they have better things to do than eat cows? Of course we have to wait for the beast to come back though. We have to protect this town and find the boy!

Cori and I have the right idea and head to the barn, Mick and Nomak just stand out there in the field. I hope they have a plan… Shortly after, it starts raining intensely. This is it, time to find the cause of the mysterious disappearances. Before we see anything we all hear this thunderous laughter and a huge lightning ball heading straight for Mick and Nomak. The lucky bastards dodge it. Fucking hell, Thia was right, its a fucking storm dragon. The sight of such a dangerous beast is magnificent and sobering. As my companions start attacking, I can feel the buzzing in my head grow stronger. Nomak and Mick are crazy I swear. All I can see from the barn is Mick flying through the air, sword first, at the dragon. Unfortunately Mick isn’t very nimble and he falls flat. I run out of the barn instinctively to help out and actually manage to hit the dragon! The bastard grabbed me though and lifted me higher and higher. Thankfully I traded some devil’s weed for this magic ring or else I would have been killed! This dragon is tougher than I imagined. He almost killed Cori and Soriah, which I will ensure he suffers for. After a long, deadly battle, the bastard flew off. I can’t believe a dragon is running away from us. We can’t let him escape.

Thanks to Cori’s expert tracking we were able to find the dragons cave. Immediately we enter, although bloodied and bruised we have to press on. Of course there are fucking traps, I hate traps. How does a dragon even make these things? After dealing with some more damn traps we finally found the bastard. He was waiting for us and blasted us with his lightning. God’s this hurts. I can barely breathe, and I can’t open my eyes. Where is the buzzing, where is the whispering? Some peace and quiet finally… maybe death isn’t so bad after all. I’m up again, Nomak gave me a potion I think. What a good friend he is. But all around me is destruction. The dead dragon and a dead Mick. I don’t agree with what he did, but he was my friend. How can everyone loot this cave and carve the dragon like someone didn’t just die here? Fuck, I can’t save everyone but I have to! I can’t keep letting my friends die like this. There has to be something I can do. As I sit beside Mick with my head in my arms I can feel the whispers grow louder, seemingly angrier. Normally I would smoke them away but this time is different. I need to figure this out. I need to harness the power of the great old one if I want to keep my friends alive, and I will do whatever it takes!



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