Hammerfists of Aladrov

Memoirs of Thia Tal'Dorei

Section 1: The beginning of the darkness

Im not really sure what I am doing.

Honestly I have never written in a diary before.

I have always been taught to write down what I have observed and learned.

I have seen Mick and Cori write compulsively in their notebooks. Surely they have not observed or learned more than I.
Especially not Mick. I wonder if they are writing a book. Maybe I shall too so that scholars can read of my travels.

I don’t know what to think.

First the thief dies, and now the drunk dies… I know I am supposed to grieve. I don’t know how.

I have always considered myself a passionate person, my people love me and believe me to be fair. But how am I to be fair if I morn those who have wronged the world?

All of this fighting has led us to little good. Who are we helping? Are we helping evil?
Is this what ruling is about?

I probably should be writing down events. That is how the great stories are told… Ok so here it goes. Where to start… I guess I will start with my thievery.

I stole a bow for Cori. What type of name is Cori anyways? I guess her name is Corqueama, but she never goes by that. Where I come from only little boys shorten their name. Maybe her uncle trained her as a son?

But I digress. We stole the bow and tome. Brought it back to the Shade, Mick battled for his treachery and won.

I had never felt so anxious before in my life. Am I now a villain? I helped steal for evil in order to bring a thief back to life. Have I been blinded by heroism and not seen the darkness coming over me?

I have found myself tongue tied by dubiety. How am I to rule when I am a villain myself?

Luckily I was not the only one who felt the obligation to do justice for the less fortunate. So we set off to find the Quinton boy.

We speak with his lover, I must add that she was quite young and unwed to the missing boy, so it is probable that she was not his only lover.The young lady is forthcoming even when she knows we are aware of her promiscuity, so she gives us directions to the farm.

At the farm the little gnome tampers with our farmers mind, making details hazy for him. Luckily this is not the first time I have dealt with those who are missing intellect. So I am able to get him to guide us to the burnt patches.

Corqueama’s (I just cant call her Cori) knowledge of giants came in use and I was able to rule out a cloud giant and then it hit me. It was a Storm Dragon.
But of course we have a dud, a drunk, the thief hasn’t been seen for awhile, the paladin seems to be interested in the druggie, so none of them head my warning about the storm dragon. Even the other elf! She gets up higher in a loft making herself easy access to this dragon!

He arrives, as I predicted and the battle ensues.

Corqueama does a massive amount of damage to the dragon.. has she turned evil?
I am able to make a few hits, but I will admit the dragon was very fast.
Corvyn was able to take care of himself after getting abducted.

My blink spell failed me and I too got abducted. I used all of my training in that moment to use my blink, of course I knew if I could not land back on the dragon the consequences could be catastrophic, but there was no choice. I couldn’t read his mind and I had no movement to attack him at that moment. Plus even I cannot survive the jaws of a dragon if he so chose to use them.

My years of training paid off. I come back and down I go, I tried to go higher to give me more time to react, but alas gravity is more powerful than my magic. I will have to train for such situation and not let it get the better of my again.

The pain was terrible, but as uncle says, physical pain is nothing compared to the pain that rains down when evil prevails.

The Dragon was gone. The forest elf had methods of hunting him so off we went.
I should have spoken up. There was too much damage and too little time to fight a dragon in his lair without fatalities.

I had to stay back. I would give my life to fight evil, but sometimes rushed decisions are devastating. The cat stayed with me, I will say I do like him.

We heard terrible screams and both started running, unfortunately animal instincts sometimes overtake ones senses and fog reality.

The smell was terrible. I will never forget it. I much like that cat. I will never forget those sounds.

Mick is gone, I supposed we will deal with evil again to bring him back… This is all for good right?

How am I to be an authority figure when I am of evil?
How am I to tell others not to do, when I have done?
My thoughts are overwhelming.
I must quit for today.




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