Hammerfists of Aladrov

Cori's Journal

The Heist Part 2

Well after the countless hours of planning, we were finally ready to set the plans in motion. In payment for raising Vax (that little shit) from the ground, we have to steal this manual of some sort from a collector. Luckily, when I went with Thia to scout out the place, I was able to see all the items he collected. And oh my god! I almost killed him right then and there to get that bow. I, of course, would never kill anyone outright like that, but the thought definitely crossed my mind. I need to have that bow.

So, after all our planning we began the heist. Vax, Thia and Mick went through the sewers to get access to the house, I was on the roofs scouting out the area, and ready in case they needed a quick escape, my beautiful Soriah was doing the same thing on the ground, and Nomak was ready to be a distraction to the guards. A pretty damn fine plan if I do say so myself.

The three sewer dwellers went first, and thank god they had Thia. She was able to spot a trap and get everyone around it. Once they got to the door, Vax made quick work of the lock, and they were able to get access into the house. Thank god for that nifty new spell I have. Everyone was very sneaky throughout the entire night.

In the house, Vax and Thia were able to get through the bedroom (he sleeps like a freaking stone), leaving Mick to keep an eye on sleeping beauty. I’m not sure if I would have done that. I don’t know if you noticed, but Mick has a little bit of a temper. Although I will say, he definitely has the right idea about booze.

With Thia and Vax upstairs, they were able to work together through magic and shady tricks to get the manual case open. When they went to get the bow, Vax kept breaking his lock picks. I was most definitely getting nervous. I needed that bow. But then the beautiful Thia took her bow and shattered that glass to smithereens. THEY GOT MY BOW!

Now of course, hell broke loose after that. Balthazar woke up and Mick tackled him. He literally started beating the shit out of him. Even I could see the blood splattering on the windows from his face. As Thia and Vax ran by, Thia tried to grab Mick and he punched her right in the face!!! Oh boy shes going to be livid. She’s going to give him the cold shoulder for weeks.

Luckily, as the guards were about to come running in, Nomak ran out to them. I couldn’t believe it. He said “I can be a guard too” and they accepted it. Then he threw a card on the ground and a stone golem appeared. Those guards turned tail and ran.

After all that shit, we all got out safely and ended back at out inn. As soon as we got there, I got my hands on that beautiful Oak bow. It was made for me. I can’t wait to go use it. And then of course, the book was opened. Whatever the hell that book is for, I never want to see it opened again.

We headed to the Shade after a slight rest. As we sat at the table, she had such a smug look as she took the book. But regardless of how I feel about her, Nomak got Griff back. That made me almost as happy as the bow did.

And then the curve arrow. All those deaths and explosions? Yup, that was Mick. We are going to have a serious talk with him if we get out of this alive. Of course, the Shade put him in the pits to fight a half orc. Luckily, he kicked ass. The Shade sent us on our way.

Thia and I decided it would be a good idea to go help the farmer after that. We need to lay low and possibly get the people of Ardania on our side. It took a while to convince Mick and Vax, but we obviously got out way.

As soon as we got back to the town, we found out that the lovely innkeep was VAX’S MOTHER!? After a few words exchanged (she can really put him in his place) they left to go discuss matters in private. Once we all wake up tomorrow, I am going to confront him about leaving a loving woman like that with no indication of where he was.

But for now, more wine!



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