Hammerfists of Aladrov

A Deal Gone Sour

The heroes looted and harvested what they could inside the lair of the black dragon, Umbrasyl. With the loss of Thia Tal’Dorei and their new acquaintance Leosin Erlanthar, the heroes had a new pressing mission: bring back their fallen allies.

On the way back to Creagan, the heroes decided to camp out before getting into town. Storm, the dire wolf belonging to Leosin, took off into town due to a charred smell in the air. Cori followed close by, only to discover a misshapen and overwhelmed Fire Genasi by the name of Embry inside the tavern at Creagan.

Embry had accidentally lit the table on fire, and as such caused quite the commotion, angering the locals (who were already weary of the heroes while also under some sort of aura of the local “fallen fairy”). Cori darted in, quickly difusing the situation as best she could and getting out with Embry.

The fire genasi ended up joining the Hammerfists for the time being. She seemed nice and quircky enough for the heroes to trust. The heroes got back on their mission, and camped out in an awesome new hut by their newly found friend.

The fallen fairy, as the locals call her, was happy to hear from the heroes that her so-called ‘old home’ has been reclaimed for her… even at the loss of some lives. Still somehow not satisfied, she tried pressuring some of them to make some more deals. After much heated discussions and staggered questions of deep curiosity, the heroes decided the best choice of action was to end the hags life. In doing so it would save the people of Creagan, avenge their fallen allies, and rebuke any harm the evil witch had done.

Unfortunately the witch had trapped several parts of her hollowed out tree home. Some heroes were instantly sapped into a mirror of life-trapping. Scared, angry, and confused – Embry quickly grabbed the mirror and ran out of the house with Vax in-toe. After much trial and error, the two discovered only the one who put the mirror there could release the people trapped inside.

Reluctantly in the morning they returned to Auntie Morgen Middenheap’s and bargained with her to bring back their friends. The hag made a deal with Vax, that at any point in time and only once she could change a single word to a word of her choosing…

Embry attacked as the hag left her home, but only in vain as it was counter-spelled. The hag escaped into the sky on a flying broom with twinkling-star robes, vanishing in the air.



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